Five Lead Conversion Tactics For Financial Advisors Part 5

Reading time: 2 mins 4th September 2018

Five Lead Conversion Tactics For Financial Advisors Part 5

5. Demonstrate full transparency

Being able to show complete transparency in all dealings is a valuable way to set yourself apart from competitors and should never be dismissed. Especially in the financial sector, transparency is a core component of what new clients seek.  

Unscrupulous dealings in the financial world are the exception not the rule. But lamentably, when they occur, these news stories tend to linger in the public’s awareness. This means that the barriers of trust are more readily eroded here than they are in other sectors. So if you are wondering how does a financial advisor find clients or are looking to convert investor leads, then being the type of business that you would never associate with poor conduct and bad press can go a long way toward better conversions and happy customers.

Any finance lead will expect that claims and pitches made on your website are fully backed up with evidence if they want to trust you and press ahead with choosing you as their financial advisor, so being able to cement everything you say with solid proof is an easy way to show that you are serious about what you say, and that it is not unsubstantiated.

One of the best ways to make this possible is to demonstrate this kind of credential at the end of every piece of content you put out. For example, at the end of each blog post you write, you can easily provide a link to a written record of achievements, certifications and so on. By doing this, you are not just making the information available but are also deliberately being proactive in terms of being seen as aiming to be fully transparent, and this will stand out.

Another important aspect, and one that can help with how to grow your client base as a financial advisor, is to add in full disclosures wherever possible. Whenever you are linking to a product, particularly if it comes from a third party – such as recommending a stock, investment or asset class – telling your potential or existing clients whether you make money or not off of a recommendation such as this is vital in building the kind of trusting relationship that lasts long term.

Adopting transparency in all stages of your service provision sets you apart from your rivals. The world of finance can be confusing to even seasoned clients and finding jargon in their way can be the obstacle that takes them elsewhere. Improve your chances of converting financial leads by clearly presenting who you are and what you do, so clients feel more confident in how you operate as a business.

Offering reasons to trust you every step of the way could also see them become return clients who recommend your services to others. In a saturated market where not everyone will want to be so forthright with their information, choosing to take the positive step of doing so indicates that you have no reason to keep anything hidden.

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